Mobile Websites for Dentists

Mobile Website Applications for Dentists

Dental patients using a mobile device have little time and are searching for specific information they may need quickly.  Most likely, patients on mobile devices want information on how to contact you quickly, your email address, or your physical clinic address. is proud to offer mobile friendly Website Application that serves that exact purpose. Our mobile Website Applications can detect that a visitor is viewing your website from a mobile device such as an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry phone and special code that we place on the main website redirects to them to the mobile website application.


The mobile Website Application we create use the content that is on your website so that the same educational information that patients love about your website is available on a mobile phone. This serves to create a consistency of information. If you update your website, it’s super easy to make an update on your mobile website.


Our basic design replicates the main color from your website and we place your logo at the top. We create Tap to Call, Tap to Email, Tap for Map and Directions, and Tap to Share buttons that appear on each page of your mobile website. These buttons are the “call to action” for patients to easily contact you via their preferred method. It is quick, easy, and efficient for them to reach you however they choose.


Here are some examples of what a website looks before and after a mobile site was created.

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